As I have told to whoever cares to listen, I want to keep intellectually active – notwithstanding the massive amount of mops that life throws at me at times. I do most of my training on-line, as I wait for my home-schedule to settle. Before leaving on holiday, I was in the middle of a MOOC called “Ancient Philosophy: Plato & His Predecessors” by Susan Sauvé Meyer (Coursera, University of Pennsylvania). I went as far as enrolling in two more courses – you know, in case I got bored. I took my computer, earphones, notebook, highlighters, etc. all the way to Mexico. The plan was to study in the early mornings, when the kids where still asleep. Yeah right. I didn’t open Coursera ONCE in eight weeks. I did so today, and could marginally  understand what was going on. By experience, I know that the only way of getting back in shape is taking a deep breath, sit down, and endure the few (and painful) weeks where the neurons are awakening from their hibernation.  It is not that I didn’t read this summer – I read eight books, some of them as thick as bricks – but in no point I felt out of depth. It’s the heavy lifting, the long stretch, what I missed. So  – Ancient Ethics, here I come again.  



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