I will try to log-in and write a bit about relevant events in the blog in an effort to remind myself of the wonderful experiences I am privileged to have and as means of sharing a bit of what I am learning to all of those whom are so kind to read the blog.

Today, it was the first day of a three-day course based on Louisiana’s Sculpture Park (Louisiana Kunstkreds). In the morning we saw works by Henry Moore, Jean Arp, Joan Miro, Barbara Hepworth and Sonja Ferlov, guided by art historian Elisabeth Bodin. We had to hold to our hats, as it was windy and cold, but I guess that is part of the charm of the park – the sculptures change in character depending on the time of the day and the weather. Perhaps the most interesting story was to hear that Henry Moore was inspired by Chacmool when creating his reclining figures. It is quite shocking – I have spent twenty years seeing Henry Moore’s two-piece reclining figure without knowing how this connected to my home country.

During lunch, I sat besides an artist – Bodil Høyer – whom had visited Mexico and had an interest in Mexican Muralism. I was surprised at the coincidence! Muralism is kind of my thing at the moment as it was the theme for my application to Oxford’s CERTHE program. Again, the connection to Mexico!

In the afternoon, a fantastic lecture at Louisiana’s meeting room regarding Louisiana’s Architecture and Landscape with architect and author Michael Sheridan. During his narrative, it became clear that Louisiana’s idea of facilitating the interaction between the visitors, the works of art and nature is present everywhere. I felt obliged to buy Sheridan’s book after such a power performance – I hope to read it in small bites over this summer. Note to readers: Michael Sheridan will be giving free guided walks this July. I amply recommend it.

I can’t wait till tomorrow, when we will be visiting Calder’s garden, amongst other. They are threatening with stormy weather, but who cares! My son Alexander is not only called that because it is the name of my grandfather. My son is also named after Alexander Calder, one of my favourite artists. Being able to visit his works is one of the best things of visiting Louisiana. God knows that if I had to choose ONE sculpture to own from the collection, it would be Slender Ribs.

My daughter Ana Paula is also attending art classes all this week while Alex is with his friends at school, so we are a happy bunch.

So long!

Foto credit: Louisiana. Retrived  29 June 2017.



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